How Not To Die 

Atomic bombs! Terrorists! Lone shooters! Viruses!  Threats are everywhere! How Not To Die is a dark comedy about our obsession with safety in an uncertain world. Armed with crazy – and not so crazy – safety tips, Sherri Rose bravely and humorously explores our fears in this time-jumping, multi-character solo show. How Not To Die is playful and poignant, personal and political. It asks the question: How do we balance staying alive and truly living?

Waiting: A Love Story

Waiting: A Love Story is about a take-charge woman looking for love!  She travels through Europe and cyberspace, enlists friends, consults psychics, and makes promises to herself that she knows she won’t keep.  When it looks like destiny has delivered the man of her dreams, she finally learns the lines she will – and won’t – cross for love. Waiting: A Love Story is unique and universal, hilarious and heartbreaking as it reveals the all too familiar (and all too embarrassing) truth about romance.