With a vivacious personality, good humor and enthusiasm, Sherri takes you along on her journey as she searches for romance and love in her fifth decade of life. This no-nonsense well-travelled businesswoman gives us a humorous peek into her international workplace romance in the 21st century.

Shoshana Harper, INDYFringe Talk

Don’t miss this stellar solo show.  Sherri is deeply funny, profound, and has a magnificent stage presence.

Ann Randolph, Award-Winning Actress

You are an enchanting storyteller…I loved it.  It truly was a perfect 10!

David D.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout WAITING.  ‘The Duchess of Detail’ hasn’t missed a detail in putting together her performance. A fabulous work by Sherri Rose!

Claudia Kraehe

Praise for HOW NOT TO DIE

HOW NOT TO DIE turns fears into both entertainment and hope. Big success!

Lori Shantzis, a.Muse

I was laughing the whole time at HOW NOT TO DIE and Sherri Rose’s magnificent American characters brought to life. I feel so safe now!

Jason McArthur

You were terrific! Pulling the content together and weaving it into a tapestry laced with humor and irony. HOW NOT TO DIE sheds light on cultural oddities so ingrained they seem normal.

Helga Hayse

HOW NOT TO DIE is a great show! So much important information seamlessly presented.

Christopher Palermo